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Spring Data Reactive Access

Spring Data Redis

Lettuce supports Reactive

Spring Data Redis Reactive Supports

  • ReactiveRedisConnection
  • ReactiveRedisConnectionFactory
  • ReactiveRedisTemplate
  • opsForXxx()

Spring Data MongoDB

MongoDB provides support for Reactive

  • mongodb-driver-reactivestreams

Spring Data MongoDB Support

  • ReactiveMongoClientFactoryBean
  • ReactiveMongoDatabaseFactory
  • ReactiveMongoTemplate

Spring Data R2DBC


  • Reactive Relational Database Connectivity

Supported Databases

  • PostgreSQL (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-postgres)
  • H2 (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-h2)
  • MSSQL (io.r2dbc:r2dbc-mssql)

R2DBC Classes

  • ConnectionFactory
  • DatabaseClient
  • execute().sql(SQL)
  • select() / insert()
  • inTransaction(db -> {})
  • R2dbcExceptionTranslator
  • SqlErrorCodeR2dbcExceptionTranslator

R2DBC Repository

  • @EnableR2dbcRepositories
  • ReactiveCrudRepository<T, ID>
  • @Table / @Id
  • All the methods return Flux or Mono
  • User-defined query needs write @Query by yourself

Use AOP to Print Database Access Layer Abstract

Spring AOP Core Concept

Concept Description
Aspect aspect
Join Point connection point, it reprents one method execution in Spring AOP
Advice notification, the action executed in the join point
Pointcut describe how to match the join point
Introduction provide extra method and property for the existing type declaration
Target object Target object
AOP proxy AOP proxied object, ethier JDK dynamic proxy or CGLIB proxy
Weaving the process which connect the aspect and the target object or create proxy for the type

Related Classes

  • EnableTransactionManagement
  • boolean proxyTargetClass() default true, true will use CGLIB
  • ProxyTransactionManagementConfiguration
  • TransactionInterceptor
  • MethodInterceptor

Common Annotations

  • @EnableAspectJAutoProxy
  • @Aspect
  • @Pointcut
  • @Before
  • @After / @AfterReturning / @AfterThrowing
  • @Around
  • @Order

How to Print


  • P6Spy

Alibaba Druid

  • Built-in Support


  • Aspect class
  • Pointcut
  • Around
  • ...